Simplified Digitization Journey for Small Teams & Individuals

SmartSign simplifies the complex and over-engineered processes and the old way of doing things for businesses on their journey of digitized document workflows.

Purposely Built for Businesses Looking to Scale Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Streamlined Document Workflows

Our document workflow solutions help you save time and money by automating your document processes. From document capture and data entry to document management and storage.

Legally Valid and Compliant

eSignatures by SmartSign meet all the strict security and authentication requirements defined in the international eSignature legislation, i.e., UAE PASS, ESIGN Act, eIDAS, etc.

Delivers Delightful Experience

Say goodbye to the print-sign-scan routine that comes with wet ink signatures. SmartSign helps you redesign employee and customer experiences for the modern workplace.

Document upload and preparation

Increase your efficiency by creating, organizing, and managing documents and templates with SmartSign. Our intuitive system is easy to understand and will help save time by having all of your documents in one place that is easy to access and manage.

Upload multiple files

Upload and send multiple documents for easy signing and processing.

Import from your connected storage

Import documents from any connected storage provider, like FileNet, Google Drive, or OneDrive via custom integrations.

Drag and drop data fields

You can customize your document by directly placing more than 10 powerful data fields, like Name, Date, Initials, Signature, Corporate Seal, Sequence Number etc.

Multi-document envelope

Send bulk documents for signatures. Envelopes provide a hassle-free experience and help easily track multiple copies.

Support Arabic language

With SmartSign, sign your documents in Arabic. Over 10 million people worldwide love our native and intuitive user experience.

1-click approvals

No more waiting for days or weeks. 1-Click Approval is a revolutionary new process that allows you to get approvals done in just one click.

eSign The Documents

eSignatures created with our software are legally binding and can be completed faster than ever. With SmartSign, you can get these signatures from your customers, partners, and employees in seconds.

Set Completion Notifications

Stay in the loop regarding the document status by setting up to receive notifications once it’s signed.

Send Document for Signing

Create a customized signing invitation and send your document for signing.

Bulk Invite

Send the documents to multiple recipients at once. Everyone will receive a copy to review and sign accordingly.

Set Document Expiration Date

Our system allows you to set an automatic expiration date for the documents, allowing you to manage them efficiently.

Set Reminders

Set up customized reminders to forget that signers do not forger to sign your document.

Add Carbon Copy Recipients

Notify anyone about the document signing completion by adding them in CC.

Account & Document Management

With SmartSign, you can manage your account and documents, change settings and track the progress of your paper eSignatures.

Admin Console

Retain complete control of the documents and check their status and create templates.

Check Document Count

Monitor your activity by checking the number of documents in progress.

Create & Manage Organization

Manage multiple SmartSign users and their document workflows across the organization.

Set Up Multiple Roles

Easily create complex signature workflows by defining who can sign and complete specific fields.

Industry Leading Compliance

SmartSign allows you to sign documents with security and compliance standards that are among the best in the industry. We help protect your document by keeping your data confidential with our encryption and authentication processes.

Unique Document ID

Each document is assigned a unique ID to ensure its authenticity.

ESIGN Act Compliant

SmartSign is fully compliant with the ESIGN Act, adhering to the strictest compliance.

Integrations and APIs

SmartSign integrates with your productivity apps, cloud storage services, and CRMs so that you can run your workflows seamlessly.  

SmartSign API

Configure and set up eSignature workflows that fulfill your organization’s requirements.

SmartSign for Salesforce

You can streamline your contract workflows without having to leave Salesforce.

SmartSign for Microsoft Teams

Increase the productivity of your team through Microsoft Teams via connected systems.

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