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We believe that

“Everything should be made as simple as possible”

why smartsign?

Leading innovation for excellence.

With over two decades of experience in digital transformation, process automation and data management, SmartSign was built to help professionals and organizations achieve scalability with their workflows.

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Trusted by leading brands and large enterprises

Prepare, send and track

Proposals, Sales Contracts, Purchase Agreements, Employment Offers, Employee Contracts, Legal Documents.

Whatever the document type, the process is as easy as ABC. Simply upload the document, specify recipients, configure automatic reminders, and hit send.
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Anywhere, anytime and on any device

From virtually anywhere in the world, access SmartSign anytime and from any device.

Our app is highly optimized for access on the go. Sign in, review, take action, and carry on with your day. Our web application runs across all modern browsers and provides a rich experience optimized for the desktop.
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Complex workflows made Simple

SmartSign workflows allow you to choose whether to have everyone complete the document at once, or one-by-one in a specific order. Each individual is automatically notified when it's their turn. Keep track of exactly who still needs to complete the document, and send reminder. Once completed, all recipients get the completed document.
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Seamless user experience

SmartSign is designed to integrate seamlessly with your daily workflow and increase the efficiency of executing agreements and contracts. Fields can be placed using drag-and-drop, resized, styled, and assigned.
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Legally compliant

SmartSign eSignature follows international standards and meets or exceeds US, EU, and GCC eSignature laws.

We record all activities performed on your document and provide a downloadable copy of the audit trail. Final documents are sealed to prevent any tampering.
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Enterprise security

With features like Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, Multi-Factor Authentication, Role-Based Access Control, comprehensive Application and Security Logs, and Secure Session Management, SmartSign is built to keep your data secure, your processes smoothly running, and comply with your IT  requirements.
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API integration

Use SmartSign as a standalone application or integrate it with your pre-existing applications. Your CRM, ERP, or in-house applications, all can be integrated with SmartSign using industy leading REST API’s.
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Flexible deployment

While we recommend using our cloud offering, we are flexible and provide a solution that fulfills all your business and compliance requirements. You can run fully in the Cloud, fully on-premise, or somewhere in between.
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Our promise...

Military grade Security
We use state-of-the-art encryption technology to process documents with an extra layer of security
Around-the-clock availability
99.9% uptime guaranteed
Legally binding
Recognized in US, EU, and the GCC
Easy access
Flexibly deployed with Cloud, Hybrid or On-premise
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This is why we do, what we do!

"Thank you so much for your help. SmartSign is awesome! SmartSign is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased."


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