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Every SmartSign plan is built to include the eSign feature you require at a cost-effective price for your business. With SmartSign’s Free eSign, you can sign as many documents as you want. You can also easily access all of your signed documents, track them and make payments over our secure cloud storage.

With our paid plans, get access to a complete eSigning and document automation experience. To jump-start your experience, you can try out the free 30-day trial. To add more users or concerns, get in touch with our sales department to get the best pricing solution.

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Top SmartSign Features




Legally binding eSigantures




Activity tracking and notifications

Mobile App

Document tracking

Bulk send document

Public and custom templates

Drag and drop form designer

Dashboard and analytics

CRM integrations


Custom branding and white labeling

Platform customization and custom user flows

On-prem deployment

Can’t find what you need? Build your custom applications in a matter of hours.

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SmartSign’s FAQs

How is SmartSign different from other eSign solutions?

eSignature is just among the many features of SmartSign. You can create and manage the entire workflow of your documents and gain visibility and insights from the interactions made over your documents.

Can I try SmartSign before I purchase a plan?

Yes, we offer a 30-day free trial to help you learn the ins and outs of our eSign solution before you decide to purchase it.

Are SmartSign’s digital signatures safe and secure?

Yes, SmartSign’s digital signatures are safe and secure. Our signatures use the latest cryptographic digital signature standards to sign documents securely.

What is a template?

Documents that need to be reused and sent out for signatures multiple times can utilize templates. When you create a document, you can choose to save it as a template. This keeps the prepared fields to the document, ensuring future send are quick and easy.

How many documents and templates can I send for signature every month or year?

SmartSign’s plans allow you to send and eSign unlimited, i.e., as many as you like documents. However, some advanced automation features would require volume packages and a paid subscription (for example, bulk send, forms, API).

Are SmartSign’s eSignatures legally binding?

Our solution is designed to meet requirements in countries that have enacted eSign laws and regulations. We employ bank-grade security measures.

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